In-reply-to » QOTD: How do you listen to your music?

Nothing fancy, although it has changed along the years.

I payed for Spotify Premium for many years, but since 2020 I think it lost its value for me, so I switched to YT, or a local company is offering Deezer free for a year.

I’ve been playing with the idea of storing most of my music in SD cards or internal memory from an old android.

Currently in my car I listen to music in a SD card with ‘everything’ I’ve been getting in the last 10+ years. I’m lazy to switch on the Bluetooth on my phone.

At home, I have a few different speakers, with line input and bluetooth. My wife has an Alexa near the dining room, so we often listen to music or the radio there.

Also, very often I play Youtube playlists on the TV (I’m looking for some way to listen to Youtube on a speaker, but haven’t found any. Or with the phone with Revanced (which stopped working last week)

Since I have diverse players I try to stick to MP3 VBR, although I try to download or convert tracks to ‘more recent’ formats. Weirdly my car allows WMA, and more weirdly I have some tracks which came to that SD card mysteriously.
I haven’t found FLAC interesting as when I was in college, I can’t notice a difference between lossy and loseless formats. Perhaps my environment is too noisy or I’m getting older 😅

That said, I’d really want to isolate my home-office, I have too much reverb when recording, and also external noise, which sometimes affect when listening to music.

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