In-reply-to » Incurred ~16 dropouts over the last 48hrs with ~5m outage per dropout. So I finally cracked the shits and run up my ISP to figure wtf was going on. 🤔 Turns out after a quality test on the line it was showing ~5-6DB average SNR 😱 So filed a fault with the infrastructure provider (NBN Co) whose own equipment picked up the 16 dropouts and also found noise 1/2 way up the 450m Copper cable 😅

Interestingly if you dig around, you come across this article:

Mitigating Amateur Radio Interference
to VDSL2 published by NBN Co, which basically states:

Some of the frequencies used by amateur radio
operators coincide with frequencies used by
VDSL2 technology, used by nbn to deliver nbn™
Fibre to the Node (FTTN) services.

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