In-reply-to » Incurred ~16 dropouts over the last 48hrs with ~5m outage per dropout. So I finally cracked the shits and run up my ISP to figure wtf was going on. 🤔 Turns out after a quality test on the line it was showing ~5-6DB average SNR 😱 So filed a fault with the infrastructure provider (NBN Co) whose own equipment picked up the 16 dropouts and also found noise 1/2 way up the 450m Copper cable 😅

Meanwhile have asked my ISP to switch me back over to what NBN call a “Stability Profile” where the DSLAM uses DLM (Dynamic Line Management) to manage the channels and noise and tries its best to keep the signal up. So far this has resulted in a ~10-20Mbps drop in bandwidth (down from ~90Mbps) but so far 🤞 an increase in stability and decrease in latency (less noise? better channels?)

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