In-reply-to » If I can get a proper static copy of MDN, I'll make a torrent and share a magnet link here. I know I'm not the only one who wants something like this. I don't think the file sizes will be so bad. My current "build" of the entire site is sitting at 1.36 GiB. (Only a little more than double the size of node_modules!) So, with browser compatibility data and such, I think it'll still be less than 2GiB.

2 in the morning is a great time to compare compression algorithms.

Ratio   File size   Filename            Command                     Algorithm
      1  1458553185 build/
  0.451   658022612 ../node-modules/
  0.322   469704387 build.tar.Z         compress -k build.tar       Lempel–Ziv–Welch (LZW) (oh, how far we've come)
  0.185   269780511 build.tar.gz        gzip -k9 build.tar          Deflate
  0.082   119839762 build.tar.bz2       bzip2 -zk9 build.tar        Burrows–Wheeler transform
  0.047    68258612        brotli -kZ build.tar        Brotli
  0.047    67989604 build.tar.zst       zstd --ultra -22 build.tar  Zstandard
  0.046    67705992 build.tar.xz        xz -zk9e build.tar          Lempel–Ziv–Markov (LZMA)

0.046 is really mind-blowing. I don’t need a torrent, we’re approaching e-mail attachment file sizes here.

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