In-reply-to » @carsten @retrocrash I think you’re missing the point that the blog post was trying to make: Newcomers will have a hard(er) time understanding what RSS/Atom is and that it even exists, because all RSS functionality has been removed from mainstream browsers. When you click on a feed icon, it’ll just give you the XML. So, unless you already know that this is a feed and that you can put it in your feed reader (an external program, no longer integrated into the browser), will you understand how this system works? That’s a great point. I remember this RSS feed that uses an XSLT stylesheet to make it presentable to newcomers. It links to, which is okay but I personally disagree with some of the wording and software choices. It also uses some unnecessary JavaScript served from Cloudflare’s CDN.

If I agreed with that website a little more, I might add a link to it on my blog’s index page next to the RSS feed. Perhaps I’ll write something similar myself.

Do they do that in the first place or do they just consume what someone else posted on Twitter?

For a lot of folks, it’s 100% social media. If they don’t see it there, they don’t see it. They only see what their preferred social media services want them to see.

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