In-reply-to » I've been thinking about a new term I've come across whilst reading a book. It's called "Complexity Budget" and I think it has relevant in lots of difficult fields. I specifically think it has a lot of relevant in the Software Industry and organizations in this field. When doing further research on this concept, I was only able find talks on complexity budget in the context of medical care, especially phychiratistic care. In this talk it was describe as, complexity:

When we think of “complexity” in terms of software and software development, we have a sort-of intuitive about this right? We know when software has become too complex.

Honestly, I don’t think so. This is highly subjective. I guess it mostly depends on whether a person currently understands a particular program or not. I’ve seen this happen many times: Somebody writes code, they love it, they think it’s great and elegant and simple. As soon as that person stays away from the code for some time and forgets about all the intricate details, they start ranting about how horrible it is. 😂

Maybe this could be a measure of simplicity/complexity: How long does it take a new person who joins the team until they understand the program? (This obviously depends on the individual skills, so this has to be averaged over many people …) 🤔

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