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@eaplmx so, let me tell how how fork is to be used, before the Yarn Police comes around, and write you an infraction. A fork is used when the reply twt you are about to write goes astray from the main topic of conversation. That’s it!

Now, fork can also be used when you want to reply to someone, and you want your reply leaving no doubt which twt you are replying to. This easily applies to long, to very long, yarns. If you have any questions let me know!

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@prologic well, I think ‘Reply’ is extremely clear (compared with replying to an email).
I have an issue with ‘fork’ coming from Git repos, where you create a copy of a previous repo and start modifying it. Perhaps ‘branch (verb)/branching’ is more natural to me for ‘create a new conversation’. But I’m not a native, so don’t believe me that much.

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@prologic I love i18n as a concept (a11y and l10n too). When I was a teenager, I translated some games from en to es, good memories!

Although I have every device now in English, I like to translate cool projects to es-mx. I might help, I’m collaborating on many hobby projects for now, but you can always make time. I don’t think here we have many Spanish speakers, buuuut we could talk about it.