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In-reply-to > I have been accused of not being nice enough before, look like a character flow of mine. I think there are two sides to keep in mind. A coder who is heavily invested in his project. And me trying to be helpful. Obviously if I didn't care I would have just walked away. But what I see here is a profoundly talented coder, who got lost in details. I am trying to give an outside view, from 20.000 feet above ground if you will. I am no enforcement agent, just trying to help.

My learning for 2021 was about diplomacy and empathy…
If I’m really angry at something, I can use different ways to solve that. Some with violence, with kind words, with action, and such. And I’m very bad at it with my blunt comments, mainly with narcissistic people. So It’s a work in progress, not saying what I want to hear, but what THEY need to hear. (Not tagging anyone, just an example)