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(#najbypq) @fastidious Yeah that tends to be how capitalism is, but I’m not sure I like it in this context, exactly. Obviously things like vaccines need plenty of funding, but driving up costs and treating it like any other ‘product’ to make absolute bank seems like a kinda dick move and as @prologic says, will just trickle down as increased taxes etc. I don’t know what the answer is. It’s always the same problem with these big corporations - it’s like thermal runaway, but with money.


(#lhudyga) @prologic Yup, indeed power failure as the weather has been miserable i.e a massive lack of sun 😅
When I can feed in voltage readings to the RPi I’ll probably set up a script to detect when voltage is getting to a certain low point and automatically shut down. Your bitcask fix is no doubt important, but I want to minimize any other potential disk corruptions of course.



“We think we are doing everything we can to help this pandemic,” added Afeyan, who is among the Moderna founders who were named to Forbes’ list of the 400 richest people in the United States for the first time last week.

Yeah, real humanitarians 🤣


(#z3aysjq) At the risk of making the vote even more difficult, I don’t really mind either or have any strong opinion on the name. I don’t know what it means or what relationship it has to the original txtxt naming, but it also doesn’t evoke anything negative.

If there’s something nice that ties in well with the new Yarn.social naming though, then sure why not.


(#muqyewq) @prologic Nah it’s going pretty strong last I saw, and it’s still up. I got sick of the echo chamber and also just got generally more into proper decentralised social media (ala, here 😂) so haven’t really been on there after initially checking it out. They have withstood everything thrown at them so far and stayed online so I’ll give them credit for that at least.


(#sojctqq) [2 / 2]…made far worse by platforms such as Facebook etc using algorithms to encourage negativity and conflict.

I think communities such as the ones you find here have a massive advantage of not having those algorithms obviously, but also the nature of the platform (protocol?) is you kind of make your community around you. And the whole experience is more interpersonal (as much as can be in text exchanges) and full of less distractions. I could ramble on but you get it 😄


(#sojctqq) Yeah I think behind a keyboard and monitor has made people act quite differently as a society towards each other. For example people will be rarely so radical or lean to such political extremes in person, but online is a different matter. I think also this grows exponentially on larger online spaces - the reason why as communities grow they tend to become more ‘noisy’ and what some may deem ‘toxic’. I think we’ve all seen that in some way or another, on those platforms [12]