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so even if there have been really successful tactics of foot dragging and sabotage, the powers what be don’t want you to learn about them (even outside how they also hate e.g. labor history being taught)


conspiratorial speculation: the powerful love telling the average folks to Engage Through Discourse to change Official Policy re: the things they disagree with because then they can identify you and control the narrative, whereas they don’t have nearly the power to stop ppl on the ground from Just Doing Shit


has anyone written something good about the difference between “let’s work in good faith towards reform from within” and “let’s strategically sabotage from within” because there are definitely situations where the former seems deeply head-ass yet the latter might get good results…but I have not read enough about the latter to feel confident talking about it.


in those cron scripts, tiddlywiki --save “[tag[]]” “[addsuffix[.md]]” rm -f /output/Draft* is how I get particular sets of files to work with – where “tiddlywiki” is the node app command


keyword blocklist aggressively. stop thinking “well someone might have something interesting to say about X”. once you get to the point where social media discourse on a topic feels like a mosquito whine, just cut it all out. private discussions with friends or blogs you like or whatever will cover it if it’s important.


so there is a verse in the bible (bear with me here) “for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” but from the vulgate latin it is impossible not to read as “for where your thesaurus is, there will your heart be also”


mgmt’s “when you die” works really well because it kind of sounds like “in the house, in a heartbeat” from 28 days later, but, you know, bouncy


spooky scary CSS. why let merveilles have all the fun? :) .accountavatar-overlay-overlay, .accountavatar-overlay-base, .accountavatar { filter: saturate(0) contrast(500); mix-blend-mode: multiply; } .detailed-statusdisplay-avatar, .status__avatar, .avatar{ background: orange; background-clip: padding-box; border: 4px transparent; border-radius: 4px;} .navigation-bar > a {background: orange; background-clip: padding-box; border: 4px transparent; border-radius: 4px;}


every time I have to send emails to Very Important People about the quotidian failures of our systems, I am reminded of my two predecessors who explicitly left because of ops


the 9.9% are responsible for the political will behind all the shitty stuff he talks about, but Iiiiiii still bet you the 0.1% is getting more out of it

#djzjipq the policy criticisms are Correct, but like… “But 60% of this corresponds to the mortgage interest deduction, which benefits only the 7 million or so households with more than \(100,000 in income. The bigger the house, the more they get. A further \)32 billion per year goes to covering the exclusion of capital gains taxes on inherited homes. [..] All but a few rounding errors land in the pockets of the 9.9%—every year.” Really? You excluded the 0.1%? No, you didn’t.


“the most attractive X I’ve ever seen” would have been the most attractive X out of, like, max 300, including people of all ages/sexes. we should talk more about how weird it is that we are constantly exposing ourselves to beautiful freaks now, no matter what your standard of beauty is


yeah lots of you are posting that you’ve blocked them, but how many of you have they blocked, huh? huh?? (shh don’t tell me, I want my moment of pretending this gives me cred)


why would you bother setting up a fake analytics company? like, why? or was this, like, some epik employee’s teenage nephew saying “oh I can run matomo for you guys no problem”. is there some greasy kid in sammamish somewhere trying to figure out how to flex his ill-gotten gains without explaining to his peers that Behind the Great Success of Bonsa He Playing Role


let’s do a WHOIS lookup (on the first google result, as is only appropriate) so if they’re using dreamhost there’s no point looking for other stuff at that IP, but… interesting that this is… brand new?


the trump social website is Innovative and technically sound and I’m definitely not looking forward to some data nightmare coming out of it because it’s been put together in a super high quality way with attention to detail so I’m sure their security is also top notch


I read about this because someone was trying to analyze how big a deal alcohol use during pregnancy really is, and it turns out it’s really really really hard to disentangle from all the other stuff people aren’t supposed to be doing while pregnant.