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Oh yeah, I encountered a red squirrel at the wayside eating some stuff and immediately stopped. It walked up to me about 0.75 meters. Twice! This was absolutely insane! I really would have loved to pet it. The first time I tried to zoom out to get it in frame, but the camera zoom motor must have scared it away. A bit later it was back, but two bikers went by and frightened it once more. It then went into the forest. 40 meters later, I took a small path into the underbrush and there it was again! Unbelievable. Sooo cute!

#wmjm3la (#4dzqrfq) Teeeier hab ich noch nie in echt gesehen, ich kenne nur die Filtertüten. Für die Spätzlespresse nehme ich normal immer einen Zahnstocher oder Schaschlikspieß. Ich weiß nicht, ob die Teeeilöcher dafür zu winzig sind. Lieber Teeei saubermachen als Eitee wegwischen, das hört sich zumindest nach einer recht schlonzigen Angelegenheit an.


@prologic (#aew7pxa) Yes. But now we’re first having April weather, where it goes crazy and shows everything it has to offer in just a few hours. One and a half week ago we had 25°C. Snow and sunshine alternating today and the next days: I was completely covered in snow and looked like a snowman, one and a half hours later my jacket was completely dry again.