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An estimated 6.8 million fewer female births will be recorded across India by 2030 because of the persistent use of selective abortions, researchers estimate. — The Guardian

And from the same article:

India’s skewed ratio of men to women – currently between 900-930 females per 1,000 males – reflects India’s ingrained attitude towards girls. Boys are seen as breadwinners while girls are seen as a burden across every social class. Boys are more likely to receive more nutritious food and better medical care than girls.

That is just beyond sad.


@stigatle (#ujbz2ga)
You are making me want to visit Norway! I would have gone long ago if it weren’t because of my partner, she can’t handle the cold. Maybe I just need to leave her behind! 🤣

What would the best time to visit be?


The features that macOS Monterey will bring, albeit minor, will made for a better “quality of living”. I am looking forward to Notes, and the iCloud+ integration (Private Relay, Hide My Email). It also bring macOS cohesively close to iOS. My work 2015 iMac and M1 Mini will get it, so looking forward to it!


I spent a couple of hours today looking for interesting people to follow, and subsequently engage with, on twtxt without much luck. Finding twtxt.txt files is easy. Finding them active, or talking about interesting things is the challenge.


Having used—and still using—1Password (a password manager) for many years, I have gone through a few stages of disliking/frustration with it. The first was when subscriptions were set in place, the second is now, with their approach for auto-filling under iOS. It is, more often than I would like to, telling me to configure it when I did so from day one. My open support ticket isn’t going too far either.

I wish iCloud KeyChain would mimic some of its features, so I can just dump it. KeyChain has improved a lot, now allowing OTP to be saved with a credential, but it is still not quite there yet.


It work like a bliss, and it is exactly what I wanted. I don’t often see the need to use new lines but having the ability to do so add richness to the whole experience. Thank you very much, again, for listening and implementing this!


@prologic (#7exlyga) You will have to agree that always using reply (like I am doing on this one) loses everything on translation after the third or fourth replies. It simply doesn’t promote engagement. On top of that, all replies show on the timeline as well, without much—to none—context.


@prologic (#66uo3sa) What if the reply does what fork does, for any replies to the top post, but not the top post itself? You know, like email does. Other than to reply to the top post (for which I use reply), I don’t use reply but fork, to reply to posts underneath because it is the logical thing to do.


Apple’s event on Monday is bringing, as always, speculation to the table. One thing most outlets seem to agree is the introduction of an “M1X” chip, thought Apple might call it differently. M1X might also mean, M1(we don’t know what comes after, or next generation). Either way, I would really like to see the return of the 27” iMac, but I will not hold my breath. Nevertheless, Monday is going to be an exciting day for many, including me! 🍎


@prologic (#vr6zflq) I knew you were short sided from day one I saw Yarn. On desktop everything is huge, and I assumed it was to cater short-sightedness. Also, you have enabled underlines on buttons on iOS, bold and bigger fonts, etc., so that was also a give away. Sorry if I digress, but, glasses wouldn’t help? I have to wear mine all the time, otherwise I am also near blind myself!