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Twitter is 4channing fast. Letting the worst of the previously-banned far right back on, suspending or permanently banning activists and journalists.

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@prologic@twtxt.net @mckinley I can’t pretend to understand the guts since I just found it and only tinkered with it for a few minutes. But I can say that git bug push did this:

remote: Updating references: 100% (1/1)           
remote: Updating references: 100% (1/1)        19cf0dc6b52363cf5b8032755b16a5 -> refs/identities/af97ed38e619cf0dc6b52363cf5b8032755b16a5remote: Updating references: 100% (1/1)           
 * [new reference]   refs/bugs/00fd29b9f50294a64ad72c039a7340b5863d7907 -> refs/bugs/00fd29b9f50294a64ad72c039a7340b5863d7907

So it puts stuff in $DIR/.git/refs. It creates a cache directory too.

I have to say, it’s surprisingly full-featured given that it’s pre 1.0 and the main author warns that there be dragons here (though not so surprising given that there are over 2,000 commits!). You can do the entire create/label/comment on/push/pull/clear bug workflow entirely on the CLI with git subcommands, which is how I’d probably use it were I to adopt this. The webui looks remarkably like github/gitea/etc if you’re into that.

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In-reply-to » Mercedes Locks Faster Acceleration Behind a $1,200 Annual Paywall Mercedes is the latest manufacturer to lock auto features behind a subscription fee, with an upcoming "Acceleration Increase" add-on that lets drivers pay to access motor performance their vehicle is already capable of. From a report: The $1,200 yearly subscription improves performance by boosting output from the motors by 20-24 percent, increasi ... ⌘ Read more

@marado wow this is pretty horrifying. I didn’t realize it was becoming more common

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In-reply-to » This seem to mostly apply to yarnSocial as well: How Mastodon is different (than twitter)

I’d also argue that not having varied and robust controls like blocking will be an impediment to adoption. there are populations on the internet who are relentlessly harassed, and they will simply avoid using your tech (and probably will never tell you either) if you don’t give them the tools to cut off the harassment. “being a woman on the internet” is not a joke, it’s horrible.

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