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The German word “warum” means “why”.

The German word “wieso” means “why”.

The German word “weshalb” means “why”.

The German word “weswegen” means “why”.

And now you’re all wondering: “But … why?”

Well, … darum.*

Enjoy our language!

(*“Darum” means “just because” and is the shortest answer to every warum-question you can think of - and don’t really want to answer. Actually, the same goes for “deshalb” and “deswegen” - but there’s no “dieso”.)


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The next hot, horny shit? Quite simply: the smartphone!

The Verge writes:

Everyone promised to disrupt the smartphone - and the smartphone outlived them all

Even the things that voice assistants and AR glasses are already good at, phones can do better. Voice dictation works impressively well on both Android and iOS, and Google’s Live View in Maps is already a pretty good augmented reality navigation tool. Snapchat on mobile lets you take better and funnier photos than Spectacles. Most of what the Metaverse promises is already happening in Fortnite and Roblox

The tech industry has realized its life’s work in a smartphone. And there’s nothing after that.

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Thank you Commerzbank. For nothing!

You make a real-time transfer to Commerzbank and then the money is still not credited after more than 24 hours! So, it is not yet visible in the financial overview. I feel that this is an impertinence.

The woman on the phone said: “There would be a small disturbance and now would be already weekend. Therefore, the money would not appear in the financial overview until Monday. However, I could already dispose of the money.” It’s nice to finally know that after being on hold for over 40 minutes.

Why is it called real-time transfer or instant transfer if the money is not immediately credited to the other account? It’s just funny that it always works from Commerzbank to another bank. The money is usually already visible on the other side when Commerzbank still renders the website.

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In-reply-to » Third print: Apple Watch Nightstand. Super happy with the result.

Thanks but no. I found it on thingyverse. Still learning the 3D part. I „had“ to buy it as my friends back in „Germoney“ are a bit tired of printing stuff for me ;-). They said: here. Carsten, it is on sale now, BUY YOUR OWN!😅

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In-reply-to » I've started playing with Go today, just understood the basics and still a bit confused about the module and goroutine parts. this is what confused me the most. But also Python is confusing in this case.

Java does a good job here with the packages.

Go, when you develop outside the gopath, can get as you described, weird too

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In-reply-to » I ordered a 3D-Printer. I have things on my mind that I want to print, but I fear, this is another hobby I have to invest a lot of time into to learn it.

@justamoment I was browsing multiple sites yesterday and I found so many things I want to print now. Things to replace “ah this is just temporary but installed for 1 year already things”. And some stands, an Smartphone amplifier for the bathroom, holders for various things that are attached with double-sided tape etc

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Good morning. These days and this war in Ukraine. It is not only on the field it is fought a lot on the internet as well. This is the most medial and on the internet published and communicated war ever. So many videos and photos. Amazing and shocking at the same time. It is so sad that so many people die for the stupid weird propaganda.

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In-reply-to » I ordered a 3D-Printer. I have things on my mind that I want to print, but I fear, this is another hobby I have to invest a lot of time into to learn it. Yes, yes, It is a big resource. But sometimes you need to adjust things a bit here and there and I have an Idea for a Tractor Puzzle based on a Plane Puzzle. And that I think I have do design my self.

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Phu. some stuff finished. Commented here, commented elsewhere, reinstalled an IRC client, setup new OpenPGP keys, added GPG Suite, did NOT update macOS yet, fixed a moment.js bug on my website, updated the profile, about and impressum page, added a git hook on the server to fill in the commit hash to a version.txt file which is read on server start which is then used to display a link to the latest commit, cleaned up 55 mails. NOW I AM READY FOR MY BED! 🛌😴

Tomorrow: Breakfast with friends, adding more things to the OpenPGP to have more things show up on, another chapter in my book and some gaming…

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