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(#mrs6mua) @prologic Yeah I’m sure it is (hard). The idea mentioned in the article was interesting though, if we would have started out with a search engine more akin to Wikipedia than the commercial Google approach. Granted I don’t think even Wikipedia is always the bastion of freedom and reliability that some like to make out, but a much more ethical approach than the likes of Google for sure.


If all of the world gets its queries answered through a single channel, and if the institution that operates that channel ranks information according to the amount of money it has been paid, rather than any sense of the public interest, and if people tend to read the first results that come up, then people’s entire picture of the world’s information will be economically determined



(#46etgrq) @adi@f.adi.onl Huh, neat. I didn’t know about that Framework laptop. I was very pleasantly surprised with my old Sony Vaio how easily replaceable the HDD and RAM actually is (just a little panel with a screw on the bottom, pop off, replace, done). No having to disassemble the whole machine at all.
But that Framework machine is on another level!


Very satisfying to whack a new cheap 240GB SSD in my secondary laptop today, which is a 11 (almost 12) year old Sony Vaio. It’s been running lightweight software like my primary WM in dwm just fine even while running a modern browser like Brave, but the old mechanical drive was noticeably slooooow. Like a new machine with the SSD!


(#muquara) It’s true not everyone will be willing to do it, that’s fine.

But possible to self-host everything yourself if you’re willing? Absolutely. I got my missus and myself off Google docs and calendar etc and on to my Nextcloud instance. Files, tasks, calendar etc are now all sync’d and controlled by something we, well, control and know where the data is going.
I do the same with my RSS feed and even my KeePassXC database file, meaning synchronized passwords on any device. I’ve had a great experience so far.


(#zy3ae2q) The solution to me seems simple enough, but maybe there’s some obvious roadblocks (or agendas) I’m missing.

  1. Get a unique secret token issued via the appropriate Government service that links back to your identity and vacc status.
  2. Store encrypted in (hopefully freedom respecting) scanning app of choice on your device.
  3. Done


(#zy3ae2q) @prologic

But good to see they’re making an effort not to be evil here 👌

Yes and no 😁

At least it’s not something willy nilly exclusively hosted on their servers, but the whole insistence on Google Services and Play Store being present irks me big time. Android functions perfectly fine without Google Services, so this requirement is a 👎. I hope the EFF and the likes help come up with something here.


(2 / 2) Then I read this:

To use this feature, the device needs to run Android 5 or later and be Play Protect certified.

In other words, de-Googled devices are out of the picture. 😡 So once again it’s something that only pushes further on the monopoly. This is like Google Pay all over again.


(#zy3ae2q) Now I was reading on the Google Developers site the following:

Storing information: The user’s COVID vaccination and test information is stored on their Android device. If a user wants to access this information on multiple devices, the user will need to manually store it on each device. Google does not retain a copy of the user’s COVID vaccination or test information.

Thought that sounded okay actually. Local storage, no cloud uploading etc. (1 / 2)


(#zy3ae2q) @fastidious@arrakis.netbros.com

somebody has to do it. Should the government be the one doing it instead?

Probably, at least then it ties in with the health system we’re all recorded in instead of being leveraged by third parties. My point is it must NOT be left to the hands of these advertising/data sharing businesses. If it comes to that I’d rather just carry the physical card in my wallet.