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@anth@a.9srv.net (#ipx7x5q) my client is coming along slowly. gemini://xj-ix.luxe/src/memex/memex-{fetch-twtxt,feed} its really barebones atm, but i’m getting close to the point where i can start thinking about ux and building a gemini cgi app for browsing.


(#ie6ckya) depends on the direction that things end up going. at a certain point i am likely to consider the software done and i won’t pick up additional features. i have added additional protocol support (mainly gemini right now, but my friend asked for 9p support and i’m happy to oblige), but generally i’m good with being compatible with mainline twtxt.


of course, there are parts of doing any networked thing that require collaboration and that’s GOOD. it just isn’t often that projects encourage many alternate clients and server to be made.


We had everything we needed, and none of the BS; cell phones, e-mail, instant messaging, SMS, file sharing, blogs, forums, and broadband internet were all widespread at that point.


Everything since has just been layers of monetized, corporate controlled, walled garden crap that has objectively ruined society and turned the techno-utopian dreams we had then into a dystopic Orwellian nightmare.


i’d say in most cases, having another program in the mix is not the solution unless the problem is inherently technical and other software either misses the point, or solves a different (possibly overlapping) problem. its easy to think that hitting things with keyboards is a universal solution. especially if you have a lot of experience doing that. the common blindness of software people is the human elements that are often handled by other teams which eventually frame problems in technical terms for developers to deal with. then the naive developer goes home thinking they can replace the humans that make their work possible.


i get it. to a certain extent, stability benefits agricultural humans. by now that’s baked into the culture quite deeply. sometimes it works even, but when things start to change nobody is prepared. things are supposed to change in an orderly fashion! they plea, horrified with the truth that we are not gods. we are not in charge, we are inhabitants of a world that can adapt to changes on a scale we can scarcely comprehend.