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@prologic (#vjmprgq) Hmm. I never really thought this would matter. Most twtxt files are small and I only do a fetch about every 10 minutes. Retrieving a couple of JPEGs from people’s regular web sites is probably more costly. 🤔 Nevertheless, I’ll consider adding it. Thanks!

@lyse (#vjmprgq) Hmm, yeah, that could be worth a try. However: The program tends to be I/O bound because it has to check tens of thousands of local files (one for each twt). Not sure if optimising networking makes a big difference. Plus, it’s finished in 3-6 seconds anyway. 😊

@thewismit (#onuyxhq) Well, it’s a bit exotic: It fetches all the feeds I follow and puts them into a Maildir, which I can then read using Mutt. It looks like this window on the left:–katriawm-twtxt.png So, it’s a text-only user interface for a terminal on GNU/Linux. (Didn’t care about portability to BSD yet, maybe in the future.) The new code is not yet published, as it’s very fresh and barely tested. 🙃 👷

@lyse (#tt7d27q) Yeah, it’s a real word, sadly. I picked it a really long time ago, when I wasn’t good at English – I thought it meant something else. 😵 It’s always a bit embarrassing to read that nickname. Haven’t really thought of something else yet (doing this as an adult feels weird), maybe I’ll just use my initials or fire up a random generator. 🥴

@prologic (#tt7d27q) Hmm, since the username is not part of the actual feed, clients have to store the name separately. (This is actually a flaw of the spec, if you ask me.) So, if I change my name, people would still send me @vain stuff, unless they manually edit their configs. I don’t see a way for an automatic/seamless transition. 🤔