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In-reply-to > Here’s a game: See how long you can last in

Don’t worry, I can’t stand it for more than a couple of minutes, either. Were CRT monitors really that horrible or is it a super aggressive simulation? I don’t remember anymore how CRTs were and, luckily, I don’t own one of that things anymore. 🤣

In-reply-to > @movq Or folks could choose to not host their feeds over inferior protocols 😂


Who fetched my feed

That’s an essential part of forming a social network. The other things are optimizations. So, yes, I do think that there should be some kind of “ping, hello I’m here” in twtxt – regardless of protocol.

I’ll try to draft a spec soon-ish. Then we can discuss that and see where we go from there.

For me, minimalism is a core feature of twtxt. Otherwise I could just use Mastodon. So I’d love to see Gopher and Gemini becoming first-class citizens.

In-reply-to > Hey @apex :) If you're reading this: In your twtxt feed, make sure to put a literal tab (0x09) between the timestamp and the text. You're currently using a space (0x20) -- some parsers trip on that. Yeah, that whole “keep an eye on the logfiles” thingy doesn’t really work with gemini (or gopher). There are ideas to fix that. Maybe I should formalize them and create a PR. 🤔

In-reply-to > Coooooool. So it finally happened. Microsoft decided to block all my mails. Congrutalations. I can now no longer respond to someone with whom I’ve already had a conversation going on.

Microsoft replied and said: “Not qualified for mitigation.” No reason given.

Fuck ’em.

In-reply-to > Hey everyone, I'm experimenting with hosting pixel drawing games again, so if you have a minute and are on a computer, you can visit the new site at: and claim some pixels of your own on this new canvas! 😄

I opened it in two browsers at the same time (because it looked like WebKit didn’t quite work) and made a mess. 🤣

In-reply-to > Aaaaaaaaand now one of the pickups on my bass went silent. What a lovely day. You’re joking, but I have no idea about the electronics in that thing. It should be purely passive and purely analogue (there’s no power), but who knows, maybe it’s connected to some cloud service. Like everything else these days.

(Eventually, if it keeps acting up, I’ll open it and have a look. But not yet.)

In-reply-to > Today I called it a day earlier and enjoyed the 5°C hot sunshine. You will probably notice by now with ease, I went up my backyard mountain again and enjoyed the sunset. The scenery was dimmed by three women who loadly yelled all the time, quite annoying. I had to take the sneaky backpath detour, because the tree service had closed off the main one due to felling activities of dead and sick ashes. Some sections were one thick sheet of slippery ice. But I made it safely. The flag disintegrates even further. The more it is ripped apart, the higher the windage is, resulting in a nice death spiral. But this silly, flapping fabric doesn't affect the moods over here as you can see by the two snowmen somebody had built. Oh man, I envy you for that scenery. 😅 Great shots. I miss the sun.

In-reply-to > Aaaaaaaaand now one of the pickups on my bass went silent. What a lovely day. I intentionally bought cheap instruments, because they were experiments. I really didn’t know what to expect. I also couldn’t find a store nearby that sells them, so I just had to place a mail order and hope for the best. 😅 So, actually, I’m not in a position to complain. I knew what I was getting into. 🥴

But yeah, next time I’ll pay a lot more money.

In-reply-to > KDE-Powering Qt's New Framework Lets Developers Bring Ads Into Their Apps "Qt, the framework that powers the KDE desktop, is announcing support for ads in client-side applications," reports Neowin:

@prologic That’s right. But it’s an issue with Qt, not with KDE. It’s not that KDE decided to show ads on their desktop now, right? Actually, I don’t think anything is going to happen to KDE at all. But sooner or later, more and more (independent) Qt programs could make use of this new ad thingy, and thus Qt (and, to some degree, KDE with it) could become … well, a shitshow.