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Recent twts from stackeffect

In-reply-to > A-ha! I got a set of flatwound strings for my bass. Now it finally sounds like a bass instead of a tin can: It’s a matter of personal preference, of course, but I like it thumpy. 🤘

@movq Don’t forget to btrfs scrub e.g. once a week.

I’m using btrfs scrub -B /dev/xyz and mail the result to myself.

In-reply-to > how do you geniuses handle all your passwords? People like pword managers but I have like 4 different OSes i use every day and on top of that centralised pword management makes me nervous, upset, and crabby. what if I have to log in from some other system ???

@will At work we are using KeePass with Multi Cert KeyProvider Plugin.

We leave master password empty. Each person needs an own certificate to access the database file.

Not using a master password makes it easy to add or remove people with access w/o changing (and sharing) a master password.