An expat Canadian, confusing Brits for more than a decade. Grab a chair; he's just gettin' started – Maintainer of nfld.uk.

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In-reply-to » 👋 Hello @agentcasey, welcome to nfld, a Yarn.social Pod! To get started you may want to check out the pod's Discover feed to find users to follow and interact with. To follow new users, use the ⨁ Follow button on their profile page or use the Follow form and enter a Twtxt URL. You may also find other feeds of interest via Feeds. Welcome! 🤗

Cool. :) Nice to see an active user on the pod!

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Forgot how much I missed Canadian friendliness. 🥰🇨🇦 Helped that I was in a couple of the friendliest place around: Newfoundland and Cape Breton! ❤️

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In-reply-to » Pod status: operational -- sorry for the recent downtime! Please reply to this if you continue to experience issues.

The kicker was, I got almost all the services back up, and then decided to run a system update on my other RPi, which happens to host the databases of many nfld.uk services. Well, wasn’t one of the packages built incorrectly? I’m still troubleshooting – between work and jetlag – but I think a PostgreSQL package was built for the wrong architecture, or some such; got illegal instruction shortly after the update, and now the RPi won’t boot. D:

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