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Pinellas County - Long run: 13.18 miles, 00:10:13 average pace, 02:14:42 duration
mmm, enjoyed it. at 0100 this morning woke up to my right calf seizing (not sure if that is the right term). when i finally got up at 0500-ish to prep for the run it still was tight (still is tight hours later) but stretching helped out a bunch. don’t think it affected the run really though. that, or i just didn’t care because i was enjoying the low humidity too much.

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In-reply-to » How is everyone finding GitHub CoPilot? 🤔 Good / Bad ? 🤔

@prologic do not use it, but gave it a try early on and was not impressed. it gave a good outline of what I asked but then unreliably dorked up all the crucial parts.

I will say though if it is truly learning at the rate they say then it should be a good tool.

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