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In-reply-to » WhatsApp lost an attempt to annul a binding decision regarding a GDPR violation, which is good news. But the fact that, in reaction to it, an WA spokesperson says that this makes no sense because "this case concerns a privacy policy from four years ago that has since been updated" only shows the sense of impunity big tech feels, as well as how ridiculous it is that they are able to drag these things for so long. In the meantime, they keep violating the law (just yesterday Meta lost three other GDPR-related cases!), and with no end in sight - even today's WA case is far from over, with appeals ongoing and more chances for appeal available. A sour-tasting victory, today's.

whatsapp, like FB is collecting user data as its business model. the data is supposed to be anonymized before sale, but, you know.

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In-reply-to » Australia Says Law Making Facebook and Google Pay For News Has Worked An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: An Australian law giving the government power to make internet giants Facebook owner Meta and Alphabet's Google negotiate content supply deals with media outlets has largely worked, a government report said. But the law, which took effect in March 2021 after talks with the big tech firms ... ⌘ Read more

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