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In-reply-to » @darch I didn't know of the (...) trick I'd take a look on how it works

it not a trick. just a convention for splitting up quotes. if you look at the two post i may earlier today you will see what I mean

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Vote/opinion: which is the preferred or correct render of block quotes - yarnd or the yarn app?

I would have expected it to look like it does in the app when I wrote the posts, but yarnd collapsed it allo into one blockquoute, which intrired to fix by adding (...)

Is this a problem with the markdown parser not being the same used in the app and in yarnd?

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In-reply-to » https://www.kooslooijesteijn.net/blog/make-volunteer-driven-open-source-projects-successful

From: https://www.kooslooijesteijn.net/blog/make-volunteer-driven-open-source-projects-successful

Software doesn’t become user-friendly by accident. So before you have code written, you need a plan.

  1. You need to think beyond your own needs.
  2. You need methods to get good feedback, because describing a project to people new to your project is hard and probably requires several iterations.
  3. You’re not going to get this right on your own: you need people to provide feedback and you need people who can write well, translate and present it visually.

Even if the hands-on design work would be covered by volunteers, we need someone to make sure that it all comes together. That all that work has unity and consistency within and between products. And that there’s a bit of quality assurance.

Often software starts with dogfooding founders, with features that solve their personal problems.

Define your vision and mission. Write a manifesto! Inspire people with exciting words.

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In-reply-to » https://www.kooslooijesteijn.net/blog/make-volunteer-driven-open-source-projects-successful

From: https://www.kooslooijesteijn.net/blog/why-is-free-open-source-software-badly-designed

With software it’s clear: when you don’t have programmers, you don’t get a computer program. But when a team is employed to develop a product without designers, a design gets made nonetheless. Accidental design. Bad design, most likely. But with no designer around and no one listening to users, the client is not going to notice.


Great design isn’t done by picking up a tiny issue and creating a solution for it. It’s done by gaining deep understanding for the problems people have, the context in which they use products and by testing solutions with people. It’s labor-intensive and requires people who are engaged with their users over long periods of time.


In volunteer-to-volunteer situation, they just have to hope someone feels like doing it. If the frontend developer is like, ‘Yeah, but I like it the other way’, designers are shit out of luck.

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In-reply-to » I'm working on this PoC to vote on the best time for an international call, showing the multiple timeslots in your local time, and getting numbers on preferences among people. The UI could be vastly improved, but this is what I have so far... I want to see it in action since it's very different to choose between 1, 2, or even 7 days (24 hours each). If you want to help to test it and give some comments send me a reply!

@eaplmx look good, great work. I’m getting a bit confused with the icons, especially the colours. If preferred is to be above available the the colour should be flipped so preferred is green and available is yellow similar to a traffic light 🚦

Doodle.com uses (✓) for their middle level called something like yes if needed vs just for yes

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In-reply-to » Ladybird's Current Progress on Yarn.social: https://mckinley.cc/notes/20221119-ladybird-yarn.html

@mckinley hmm it doesn’t seem that ladybird support CSS gird, which is was a lot of the changes/improvementsvare using instead of flexbox.

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In-reply-to » Tired of running owncloud, switched to syncthing, takes some time to set up all devices, but I'm glad to finally be pushed to set it up.

@stigatle@yarn.stigatle.no do you have any always on devices in your setup? That one of my biggest concerns for me to switch from dropbox - that I would not always be working on the latest version of a file.

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In-reply-to » Who's coming to this week's Yarn.social Weekly Call? 🤔 As per usual it is held here and this week I'm going to try something different. We will hold two sessions:

@prologic you posted the timeslots when I was sleeping so it was a bit hard to set my alarm for 06 CET😴

I would prefer if both times lots was an hour later, but I could do both/either if I knew it 1.5 days in advance so I could plan accordingly 😊

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