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In-reply-to » @lyse I'm also on the e-mail wagon here. On I have added a "Comment via email" botten if uses are not logged in. This feature could be extend to other places in the various UIs. Like we already got the "Does not follow your" / "Follow you" on the profile page in yarnd, so this detection could be used to sugget the user to email that person, when mentioning them. For a web UI such a button sounds quite convenient. The only downside is that spammers also like that link. :-( So if built into e.g. yarnd, it should be probably opt-in and it might only really work well with single-user instances. At least it’s not obvious to me which address that e-mail reply button would use when multiple people are involved in a conversation. The original author’s? The last commentator’s? Reply to all of them? Note that I didn’t give this any real thought. This is only what popped up right in my head. :-)

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I just measured on a map that I hiked 22.5 km in 5:30 hours today. And I took 723 photos (yes, I’m totally insane; for your viewing pleasure I reduced them to only 96), which resulted in a lot of stops and a bunch of wasted time. I reckon I haven’t done this trip often enough, because I took the wrong turn-off – twice, on the way there and back – which cost me several extra kilometers. Well, I was just enjoying myself in nature, so that wasn’t bad at all. It just meant that I wouldn’t be home before dark. And that’s totally fine with me. Maybe next time I care to remember to walk the more direct route. We’ll see.

The golden autumn is so fricking beautiful. It only rained in the morning, so I left right after lunch. We then had a good mix of clouds and sunshine. At the beginning, the sun was out for at most 10 seconds in a row before the next cloud covered it up again. My camera takes longer than that to boot, so I missed a ton of opportunities. But judging by the number of photos, it didn’t hurt at all.

9 and 10 is a common kestral. I could figure that out based on another photo which had good colors but was very blurry. Unfortuntately, the deer in 30-32 were too far away. A few hundred meters I’d say. I had to think of Rapunzel in 84-86. :-)

After dawn and one and a half completely drained batteries I walked past a bunch of trees and wondered what kind of birds were sitting on them. They didn’t look like ravens or something similar. Suddenly, 20-30 red kites flew up (their V-shaped tails made it crystal clear). I have never seen so many of them in a flock. Not even close. That was super cool to watch. Much later after dark I also saw a bat flying over my head. Nice way to end this trip.

Golden autumn Ruin on Mt. Rechberg

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In-reply-to » I've been thinking of how to notify someone else that you've replied to their twts. The only reliable way to let the other party know is to write an e-mail or any other out of bounds communication mechansim. There’s just the User-Agent header in the discoverability extension of Twtxt itself that comes close: But it requires feed operators to actually play along and check. Active pushes are prone to spam, so I actually view the lack thereof as a good thing.

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In-reply-to » @lyse Haha! 😆Didn't know you could do that 😱 I'll have to try that next time it floods here 🤣 Not a lot, no. :-) No, you’re not allowed to ride horses down that path.

Don't you ride your horse mate

But you’re also not supposed to cycle on forest roads that are narrower than two meters in BaWü.

Yeah, super calming. When I went to bed yesterday night, it also rained quite a bit and the drizzling was very pleasant. I quickly fell asleep.

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