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I’ve been out a few hours again. I came across a dozen or so forest mice. I heard tons of squeaking and saw a lighting fast moving seething mass under leaves and groves. It was impossible to capture anything but I could watch it for two, three minutes. They even seemed to come as close as 20 centimeters judging by the rustle and moving plant leaves. Pretty cool.

But heaps of people had to fire up their noise machines today. That clouded my overall joy in nature. Once a commercial airliner was about to fade away in the distance, the next one already adumbrated itself. Lots of prop planes and even a helicopter. Obnoxious loud super cars and motorcycles with broken off mufflers or I don’t know what. My felt hat amplifies the sound I noted.

Luckily, the sun hid behind the clouds most of the time, so I survived the 25°C. Even hotter tomorrow, yikes!

Forest monster

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In-reply-to » @lyse Hahaaaaaaa, wonderful video! The sound of ice crackling under your feet is great, I love that. I always pay special attention to that when I walk in snow/ice. 😊 And towards the end of the video, I couldn’t help but notice how quiet your area is. Where I live, you can always hear a highway or a bigger road in the distance. Or planes, of course. 😵 Thanks mate! I’m glad you like it. :-)

Unfortunately, I think it’s just an illusion that it’s super quiet over here. Mostly boils down to carefully selected recordings, as I want to share the nice stuff. ;-) In reality, you can also hear man-made noises nearly everwhere. Depending on the wind direction, even in the middle of the forest in the middle of the night you can hear the railroad in the valley in the distance or cars and motorcycles on surrounding streets. There are only very, very few spots where there is only the sound of nature.

I tried to record birds singing numerous times, but even if they’re quite loud themselves, there has always been the traffic noise in the background on all tracks, so I scrapped them (I would need a directional microphone). And if there is actually no traffic on the ground, a plane comes by. :-) We’re in the air corridor of Stuttgart Airport, planes are still relatively high, so it could be way worse. But recreational smaller planes also like to cruise around in our area. And those propellors stir up the air quite a lot.

However, the snow really does cut down a lot of the (annoying) audio waves, that’s for sure, no doubt about that. :-)

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In-reply-to » @lyse Oh dear, that guy sure trusts his little tractor. 😳 Looks a bit scary, not gonna lie. 😅 Yeah, we thought a couple of times that this loader is about to tip over.

Same here, I’ve seen the needle climb to 27°C. To help cool off, here’s some bonus winter footage I edited today: (724.1 MiB)

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In-reply-to » @lyse Ha! So there are paths you haven’t explored yet! 😅 If I go far enough there are indeed a few paths I haven’t been on. ;-)

Yeah, that tractor moved up and down a giant manure heap. Although the tires spun a few times, it’s quite amazing how relatively effortless it looked to drive on that pile of shit. That machine leaned quite a bit at a few spots. (114.5 MiB) You might have figured, 11 and 17 show also the same subject from different angles.

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In-reply-to » @lyse Yep, the scrolling is part of the GUI (responding to scrollbar events, translating coordinates, nasty stuff like that). It’s pretty brute force right now because it does a full redraw for each scroll event – a faster version would be to use WinScrollWindow() which scrolls/moves existing window content and then you only draw the new parts. Maybe I’ll do that in a later version. 😅 Nice! Oh, I hear you. Remindes me of my multi-line table implementation for tt2. Surprisingly complicated stuff is needed for such a trivial thing as scrolling. I implemented a simple cache to speed up rendering when the same entry didn’t change. But there is probably a lot more room for further improvements.

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