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(#7547j7a) Nope, the young fox didn’t bark,, at least it was too windy to hear anything. And mommy/daddy fox was too far off in the distance. Holy crap, that would freak me out, too. We only got a visit from boars one night while camping 10-15 years ago, but luckily I was half asleep and didn’t really realize that they were only 3-5 meters away. Thank you, @prologic!


@prologic (#vwcgtka) The yellow weed with the bees in 9 and 10 are common dandelion. 42 is water crowfoot. I’ve no idea what 43 is called, though. The brick walls in 21, 22, 24 and 25 are part of the ruins of the former Hohenstaufen Castle which was burned down in 1525. The sign in 25 and 26 says “Forest road – Closed for motor vehicles and horse riders. Open for forestry – Forest administration”. I believe the whole path leading to the top of the mountain is closed for these two types anyway, so I don’t really get why they put up a sign up there again. The only thing I can think of, is, so that the restaurateur next to the sign, who’s allowed to drive up his car, doesn’t go to the very top of Mount Hohenstaufen.


@prologic (#qyusyma) Thanks! A good mate made me a nice noise reduction script a couple of years ago specifically for my camera. I should have just used it to post process the raw material. But I didn’t. Turn’s out, it also works extremely well for outdoor clips, not just the woodshop. I’m not sure what this cracking sound is in between most clips.