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clang-format considered harmful I don’t know of a good C++ code formatter, but clang-format is not one.

1. Myths

First, I must dispel 4 oft-cited myths used to argue for uncritically slapping on a random coding standard.

Myth 1: Any coding standard is as good as another.

There is such a thing as practicality in coding standards. Before even contemplating controversial topics – aesthetics, it’s not hard to think of aspects of code formatting that contribute to [write amplification](https://en.wiki … ⌘ Read more

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Tag suggestion: sqlite Free-text search for sqlite reveals nearly 1,000 entries. It tends to be cross-cutting topic, with stories ranging from web development, to systems, to mobile, etc and it might not always be in the title, so a tag would be useful here.

Just a handful of stories within the last two weeks:

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