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you got me 😉
I don’t use my account on twtxt.net although I like the content that is found there.

Yeah, Yarn as a piece of software is really nice, I’ve said that a few times before.

Although technology is only a piece of the puzzle.
As a community/ecosystem is perhaps too niche. I agree that ‘social platforms’ don’t need to be meaningful, perhaps they don’t even need to be useful.
We are sharing time and words here, so that’s good by itself.

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Well, I don’t use Yarn/Twtxt.net anymore, although I read the homepage a few times a week to catchup on anything interesting.

Nowadays I barely twt from my PHP instance. I got to say that is more “convenient” reading from twtxt.net that on my instance.

My current feeling is that is too niche to find something interesting, being about personal growth, professional or even entertaining. There is not enough people and/or interesting topics to be engaged on. The network effect of people making content is missing IMO. Although I have a similar feeling of any other microblogging, it’s too superficial to have a meaningful conversation.
Sadly in this ecosystem I’ve found no one twting on Spanish, and having conversations in English is not so easy to me.

And about local communities, I tried to invite friends and colleagues, but no one created their instance or joined to Yarn. Even the local Mastodon instance has 3 members (myself included), so I think creating a hipster microblogging is not as easy as looked at the start.

It’s again a decision between the involved time and the ‘reward’ at the end. If we are not getting good emotions or something bigger that ourselves, feels like ‘not worthy’ to belong.

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