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The reason you should get over Harry Potter: as an adult, he ended up joining the police.

«An Auror was a wizard or witch that worked as a highly trained law enforcement official for a wizarding governing body. Auror training was extremely difficult and intensive, so there were few qualified applicants. Aurors of different countries dealt with different high-risk situations that were most prominent to them».

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📢 Want to learn about #eBooks in Europe?

🟡 When? 12 April, 14h30 CEST
🟡 What? #eLending questions & authors’ needs
🟡 Whom? Experts from @AuthorsAlliance@AuthorsAlliance , #FESABID, @Freiheitsrechte@Freiheitsrechte

🎟️ https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_NJLV_UDEQCOLMLG-hHLTBg#/registration
ℹ️ https://knowledgerights21.org/news-story/the-european-ebook-ecology/

#eBookSOS #AccessToCulture #Copyright Poster of the webinar

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