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Recent twts from aelaraji

Some(one/thing) is going Berserk at my web server and some of their requests are "GET /etc/shadow HTTP/1.1" and "GET /.ssh/id_ed25519 HTTP/1.1" … I think they should try and POST some kind of sudo rm -rf /* while they’re at it; it would be funnier.

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I’m still alive ! Here’s a quick, brainless recap dump before I switch back to the other side:

  • Been daily driving FreeBSD on the o(ther)ld machine for the last couple of days.
  • Read through the handbook, played around with jails, pulled on my hair because of network issues (I think I might have maybe fixed that) … etc.
  • Still procrastinating over migrating my Jenny/Mutt setup out there. until then, I’ll be getting my Twtxt fix reading through conversations over on the ✌
  • Gave a couple of Nostr based platforms a try, it was … not for me to say the least.
  • Started learning Emacs (I know, I’m in trouble LOL) and might even start twtin’ from there instead.

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