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In-reply-to » Good Morning Everyone. What a beautiful day. Storm, high wind speed, rain, a closed main entrance because of falling tiles from the ceiling, a wet entrance because of a "forgotten" ceiling after the ceiling where tiles fall off. Amazing!!!

@eaplmx Sorry for late reply. That is

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In-reply-to » Mmhh I thought I can use SONARR to automatically download news shows from the state funded public tv channels, but no, I can't. That's a bummer. Looking for another solution now. Maybe some rss downloader running in the background? TubeSync is nice, but only for YouTube. Yes in the end I did sth like that. Which was then easier than I thought.

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In-reply-to » @carsten Something is off with your server. I have a lot of trouble with the official twtxt client's Python AsyncIO to fetch your feed for a few days. Always get a ServerTimeoutError('Connection timeout to host'). It turns out, both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are resolved and the v6 one is preferred. However, connecting via v6 (2606:54c0:5540:18::14:2a4) fails and an attempt with v4 ( is not made at all, the whole thing just aborts. :-( (I believe this is an error with aiohttp.) I hope everything is working now again. My Provider had some issues while upgrading from 300 to 450MBit this month.

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