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(#huaer3q) Also, the lack of libraries is worth noting. I’ve come across one program that uses some UI library, but everything else appears to be self-contained. That’s good and bad. For example, there was no such thing as sqlite yet, so I’m seeing a lot of custom line-based file formats: “3 bytes for an ID, 10 bytes for a name, 40 bytes for a description, …” The code then literally reads 40 bytes to get the description, meaning there had to be space padding in the data file. 😱


(#qojxy3q) Good luck! 😲 I tried archery once, harder than it looks. The instructor couldn’t really explain “how to aim”, though. 🤔 Maybe he was just bad at it, I don’t know – we beginners hit almost as good as he did. 🤣

#ngfwmbq (#gylns4a) The “used it for some time” part is probably the key ingredient. 🤔 However, I can’t really imagine that the OpenBSD gals/guys didn’t have a lot of contact with Git by now. I still suspect there’s something special about CVS that they really value. 🤔 (Or maybe it’s just this: They probably would have to reimplement or at least audit Git in order to get it into their base system, which would be a hell lot of work.)


Why I love the Finnish language: No grammatical gender (easier to learn, less politics), written almost exactly as spoken, simpler alphabet (no diacritics, no ambiguities like in some languages, e.g. in German “f”, “v”, and “ph” can sound exactly the same), numbers follow a simple and consistent pattern, and finally, sounds awesome. Why I hate it: Kirjakieli (written Finnish) vs. Puhekieli (spoken), you basically have to learn two languages. 🤦

#iwnmyha (#uckc5ia) Date-based versions, such as xiate-20.07. 🤔 It’s rare, but some of my software does get packaged for some Linux distros … At the end of the day, most of my releases would probably end up bumping the major version number. 🙄 But with semver, it would at least be obvious for users that something might/will break.


(#kanuqhq) I’ll give Mojeek a try. 🤔 Have used DuckDuckGo for a couple of years now. Neither of them are actively transparent on how they make money. At least I couldn’t find anything in ~10 minutes. I remain sceptical (of both), but hey, you can’t be sure anyway with these things, and alternatives are good. 👍


@prologic (#zafd26q) Huh. computed the hash zafd26q for melyanna’s original twt. I get kjsxeka. The difference appears to be that my client used the URL, while used just http://. That’s a) a bit of a problem if people provide their feed over multiple protocols (half-baked thought, maybe we should omit the scheme? 🤔), b) might be a bug because’s web interface shows https://. 😯