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 (16 hours ago)

@lucidiot Oh god dammit. Plus, the redirect breaks @-mentions. Let’s see what we can do about that … Thanks for letting me know!

 (2 days ago)

My DVR is connected via HDMI to my TV. Now audio stopped working: The DVR is dead silent. So, I connected it via SCART (!) again, ta-dah, got audio again. Well, well, well.

 (3 days ago)

I can finally control this special LED on my keyboard on Linux. And guess what: No hackery required, the manufacturer told me which USB packets to send! What a pleasant experience! 😎️ Blog post with details soon-ish.

 (5 days ago) slowly discontinuing all their feeds, even “we-are-twtxt”. :( Why, what’s going on?

 (1 week ago)

I want a private sauna. While we’re at it, I want a Mökki in Finland. With high-speed internet. And no gnats. On Mars.