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@adi “I usually seen the opposite. Women are more interested in longevity and happy that studies show that they live more than men.” -> I probably could have been clearer: It seems to me that women are on average much less interested in life-extension (methods beyond usual health advice such as the old “exercise, eat vegetables”) than men. This might just be founder/sampling bias (life extension comes out of the relatively male dominated libertarian/techno-optimist cluster). Actually, maybe there’s just a variance thing here: median man cares less about his longevity than the median woman, but the variance for men is higher.


@jlj “A good read: Why I find longtermism hard – […]” -> Interesting! I don’t particularly share that emotional intuition (although my bias probably cuts the other way: I am more moved by interesting projects, and more interesting problems probably also less neglected)–I generally find most problems other people find salient not very moving at all (although probably equally strongly moved by extremely near suffering compared to other people, but with a stronger emotional distance discount). EA makes sense in a very different way to me (phenomenologically, probably closest to philosophical high valence states it evokes).


for some reason, I really like this pattern of exchange: A:“[controversial/semi-out-of-context thing, said quickly, maybe mutteringly] what?” B [in quick succession]: ”what?” A [also quickly]: “what?” (repeat as often as needed)