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(#d2tmxja) My biggest gripe with Rust is still the sheer amount of language features. In itself, it’s not that big of an issue, but people like to use them all! Everyone tries to be smart and uses as many language features as possible, it seems. Gah.


🦀 I think I’m starting to enjoy writing Rust code. Its typing system is rather explicit/verbose (I like that) and it somewhat tries to make it a bit harder to ignore errors. I think I’ll stick with it this time. 🤔


@prologic (#twjeu4a) There’s more! I managed to install Windows XP now. The question is, for how long will I be able to use it? Even though this is a genuine license for Windows XP that I bought back in the day, I still have to “activate” it. Yeah guess what, Microsoft disabled their “activation servers”. 😅 There’s an option “activate” via a phone call … Maybe I’ll give that a shot some day. 🤣


(#twjeu4a) Alright, I was able to grab an image from that CD using ddrescue on another machine. Then I burned a new CD, which works – kind of. It’s bootable, but not in my old gaming PC, only in my Pentium 133. 🤣 Which means I have to swap CD drives. Ugh. Not today.