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@darch(#nj3rtxa) You could use the basic format of ISO 8601, which is compact and doesn’t use special characters except in the sign of the numeric timezone offset (plus and hyphen characters). But you could convert it into UTC instead. The timestamp of this twt in ISO 8601 basic format would be 20210616T172000+0200, in the extend format it matches RFC 3339: 2021-06-16T17:20:00+02:00. Converted to UTC in basic format: 20210616T152000Z


Listen up, slow worm friends, now is a really great time to spot them! Encountered two of them again. Also a fox at the chicken farm fence and two raccoons on a roof. Unfortunately I missed the really red sunset sky. I thought it’s not gonna get any prettier and went back into the woods and then saw an intense red sky through the trees. When I reached the woodland edge, it was all gone.


@off_grid_living (#g3th6hq) That’s an interesting observation, that the source image is even smaller! Your workflow seems overly complicated to me. Isn’t there a resize option in this image viewer? Maybe get yourself a proper image viewer. When I was on Windows decades ago I used Irfanview, not sure whether this still exists. As for dedicated image editing in a GUI, I can recommend GIMP. I reckon ImageMagick is availabe on Windows as well, you could easily automate resizing with it in a script if you have the courage to use the command line: convert -resize 400x300 -strip -quality 50 ORIGINAL.JPG RESIZED.JPG is what I use.


@prologic (#g3th6hq) No worries. I need to think about splitting the programs a bit more. Currently I’m trying to test your latest change regarding the configurable fetch interval. At the moment it looks like it’s not having any observable effect, but I’m probably doing something wrong. Back to testing.


@prologic (#g3th6hq) Okay, I had a look at the image code and noticed, that we don’t support JPEG. When requesting an image using Accept: image/jpeg, a PNG is delivered instead. Locally converting the PNG to JPEG using convert, results in a much smaller size. I used @off_grid_living’s solar panels and got the following file sizes: 312.5 KiB PNG, 214.5 KiB WebP and 76.8 KiB JPEG. For photos, JPEG’s savings are quite significant. EXIF information are stripped when uploading an image, which is fine to me, would disagree on that. ;-) Maybe the hardcoded maximum image resize width of 720 px would be something to make configurable by twtd operators.