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@prologic (#t5aqjva) Those tree cutter monkeys climbed around in the crowns like real monkeys. ;-) It was really fascinating watching them prune the limbs and branches. They first put a rope around the branch they’re about to cut off with hand saws and then lowered them down to their collegues, so falling limbs didn’t damage the roof or other structures. Good thing they were roped up, because the branches were wobbly in the first place and when the sawed off the ends, the branches rebound quite a bit after having lost weight. I was really lucky that I had an excellent view from my window.


(#rzl6zjq) The primerose family is native to central Europe, @prologic. The temperatures are all over the place here, @bml. A couple of days ago we had 20°C and today we were back to sleet. I have no idea what happend to the log, there are no beavers around here. I’m dead certain that lightning wasn’t involved either. We hadn’t any thunderstorms for quite some time. About two decades ago this tree was struck by lightning:


#wf3eyva (#huaer3q) I started programming with Delphi and when I had a look at my old code, it was an awful mess, too. The worst and funniest thing I remember was when there was a time where I knew if, but didn’t have a clue that I could use begin and end to group statements. So whenever I wanted to do multiple things on a certain condition, it was a copy-paste hell of the same ifs over and over again…


@darch (#bakywta) Great ideas, mate! While reading this and looking at your UI mock again, I got the idea of placing all the actions on a message (reply, edit, delete) in the message “header” on the right next to the author and time. This would save some space and provide more real estate for the actual contents. Since the messages are quite short, having to jump back for actions shouldn’t pose a problem, I reckon. Not sure, how users with tiny screens will feel about this, though.


@eldersnake @adi (#vxdabzq) No, please don’t use drop down menus for day, month and year selection, this is a terrible user experience in my mind. I’d just go with <input type=date>. At least Firefox 78 here has a pretty usable date picker. I’d support some common date formats on the server side, just if the type=text fallback kicked in and a user submitted “date free text”.

#nhd7sya @adi (#jlar35q) I really don’t mind it very much. In fact quality of life increased by not spending two and a half to three hours on the train each day (depending on whether they decide to run late or even cancel the connection). Every now and then I hike with a very close mate. Today we spent three and half hours in nature: At least for me this is incredibly relaxing. I have to admit, I just started only recently to do this intensely.