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A family member gave away some old USB sticks and memory cards that they no longer needed. They were “mildly devastated” when I told them and then proceeded to demonstrate that it’s often not that hard to recover data from such devices. “But I deleted all the files?!” Yes, but …

This can get ugly. And lots of people don’t know it.

It would be great if devices like digital cameras provided a function like “wipe storage completely”. Or, better, try harder at actually deleting files instead of doing things like just writing an 0xE5 on a FAT file system. Don’t shift the blame to the user.

I guess the situation is a bit better these days with Android encrypting everything by default and stuff like that … Hopefully.

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Since none of my boxes are affected by the current xz desaster, I spent the day fighting with a CF-to-IDE adapter in my retro PC.

OS/2 2.1 and 3.0 just won’t boot from a CF disk, they’re stuck at (or before?) the boot loader, completely silent, nothing happens, nothing on screen. MS-DOS 5.0 on the same CF disk boots just fine, though, as does the exact same OS/2 2.1 installation from a hard drive.

Hm. 🤔

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I keep coming across the claim that Windows NT and 2000 can run OS/2 programs (due to the shared history between IBM and Microsoft). And indeed, it works – to some degree:

This compatibility layer only applies to 16 bit OS/2 1.x programs:

32 bit OS/2 2.x programs don’t run:

I wonder how many text mode 16 bit OS/2 programs still existed when Windows 2000 came out. 🤔 Was it really worth keeping this subsystem around for so long?

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