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Recent twts from @madcap@ciberlandia.pt

Ainda me lembro quando fomos criticados aqui na Ciberlùndia por termos as inscriçÔes de novos utilizadores sujeitas a aprovação.

A partir de hoje, a nova versão do Mastodon vai ter essa forma de registo activada por omissão :vaivaivaivai:​

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Schneier on Security - Microsoft Is Spying on Users of Its AI Tools

“Microsoft announced that it caught Chinese, Russian, and Iranian hackers using its AI tools—presumably coding tools—to improve their hacking abilities.

The only way Microsoft or OpenAI would know this would be to spy on chatbot sessions. I’m sure the terms of service—if I bothered to read them—gives them that permission. And of course it’s no surprise that Microsoft and OpenAI (and, presumably, everyone else) are spying on our usage of AI, but this confirms it.”


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