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In-reply-to » Spring is there with 18°C. We've seen a hare today. It must have been years when I saw the last one. The photo quality is horrible, but oh well. On the other hand, the firebug turned out heaps better than I could have hoped for. Hahaha, that sums it up pretty well! No idea, these crocheted hearts just appeared out of nowhere. In January there was only one, however, it’s gone in the meanwhile. Now we saw these four about 100 meters from where the first one was. They’re kinda looking nice. If their goal is to spread some joy they certainly have accomplished their mission.

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Today was wastepaper collection with the scouts. We were fairly short on manpower, but luckily there was also quite little wastepaper to collect this time. My team found a paper mâché cow head at the beginning and we had to use it as a mascot on our truck. :-)

Cow head mascot on the wastepaper collection truck

Afterwards we welded a steel frame for a new sink in our material store. We just used spare tent poles that were laying around unused for years.

Welded up steel frame for the sink

That was an awesome project, sure, total overkill, but we had really good fun. Unfortunately, we ran out of time. We couldn’t paint the thing as it was still way too hot.

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Cobbled togther the world’s ugliest embroidery frame and just started something. I’m pleasantly surprised that the old jeans is not shrinking when I extracted it from the frame, didn’t move at all. The sign is just for fun, now I have to think about where to attach it.

Attention please

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