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@marado There appears to be a bunch of actors on the domain ciberlandia.pt that I believe you are following. I only know this from logs and because the Activity Pub implementation is still highly experimental and still fixing a lot of shit™ 😅

twtxt_twtxt.1.02609awck4i9@dm4.mills.io    | time="2023-03-25T16:53:25Z" level=warning msg="dropping note from https://ciberlandia.pt/users/edsantos to https://twtxt.net/user/marado/ since no-one is following"

In an effort to ensure we don’t receive and inject shit™ (spam) we don’t want nor ever followed, yarnd will ignore actors for which no-one follows on the pod. So, can I get you to please do me a favour?

Please Unfollow and Refollow any actors you care about please 👌

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