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So I was hoping to spin up a large 24 CPU server on vultr for only a few minutes to see if building ulinux could be done extremely fast.

But I’m not allowed to create it because it goes over my allowed “monthly” limit.

So, I asked for the limit to be increased.

Support gets back to me, saying I can’t get the limit increased until I’m using my current limit.

I’m trying the imagine the scenario below:

Mark: hello bartender, may I have 1 IPA please?

Bartender: sorry sir, we can’t give you an IPA until you’ve drank at least 5 Heineken

Mark: Oh no, I really don’t want Heineken. I have no use for it. It’s too weak and tastes like urine.

Bartender: I’m sorry sir. You must buy the Heineken before we can serve you the good beers.

I hope one day my business makes so much money I can turn away paying customers.

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