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You were created on the nights following the 3rd December 1981, I remember them well. See the red arrow. Maybe you were destined for greater heights. This is a picture of the Royal Sydney Hilton Hotel, a very expensive place in those days. If I remember is was in room 365, but I will have to read my diaries to confirm this.


@prologic (#u55v7wq) Hmm? Yes my Son, my diaries have infinite commentaries of the first three days of your life, your conception, and the first year of your birth. One day I will copy the words out for you, if you want. Did you like the picture editing process, I took a photo image, edited out the children and moved us closer together, edited your shirt and the made a renewed picture. If you look closely in Microsoft Paint, you will see the pizel images have changed. It took me about an hour to make this image. ENJOY your day.

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