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So.. Of y’all that had covid. Did you have at the end a night where for no reason your brain amped up to 11 and can’t sleep at all? It happened to me last night and my FIL the night before.

I went to bed at 8 and woke up full on anxiety attack at 12 and could not calm my head until around 7 am. Today has sucked a lot.

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Nah, I just had really hyper sensitivity to sensations and pain for a few days. Like even getting up in the morning and putting on a slightly cold shirt actually “hurt”. And just generally felt sore and joint pains. Was really unpleasant, but once that passed for me it was like a regular cold. So I was both unlucky and lucky with my experience. It’s interesting how wildly different people experience it.

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@movq@www.uninformativ.de Pretty sure you are so far 🤔 Although @off_grid_living very likely has avoided catching this blasted virus (COVID) – I’m not planning on catching it a 2nd time, the only reason we caught it at all was because we got a little “lax”, gave in to our children’s desires to go to a theme park, stood in a queue of other humans and boom! 💣

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@xuu@txt.sour.is I don’t recall that symptom. The worst part for me was losing smell. I bought a scent kit to retrain, and it eventually came back.But 2 years later, I still occasionally get a phantom smell that resembles burnt rubber.

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@movq@www.uninformativ.de I lasted for a long time.. Not sure where or when it was “got”. We had been having a cold go around with the kiddos for about a week when the wife started getting sicker than normal. Did a test and she was positive. We tested the rest of the fam and got nothing. Till about 2 days later and myself and the others were positive. It largely hasn’t been too bad a little feaver and stuffy noses.

But whatever it was that hit a few days ago was horrible. Like whatever switch in my head that goes to sleep mode was shut off. I would lay down and even though I felt sleepy, I couldn’t actually go to sleep. The anxiety hit soon after and I was just awake with no relief. And it persisted that way for three nights. I got some meds from the clinic that seemed to finally get me to sleep.

Now the morning after I realized for all that time a part of me was missing. I would close my eyes and it would just go dark. No imagination, no pictures, nothing. Normally I can visualize things as I read or think about stuff.. But for the last few days it was just nothing. The waking up to it was quite shocking.

Though its just the first night.. I guess I’ll have to see if it persists. 🤞

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