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I agree. It’s more organic to make the connection by another channel. On using the web server logs, I think that isn’t easy to integrate, and it’s also prone to spam.
Webmentions sounds good to not reinvent the wheel.

Perhaps the Endpoint should be indicated inside the .txt instead of the HTML.

Anyway, I’ll take a look into adding Webmentions support in the PHP client soon.

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@eapl.me@eapl.me It is already possible to indicate your “WebMention Endpoint” via your text/plain twtxt.txx feed file. All you have to do is emit a Link: HTTP header as part of the response. Any standard web server can do this easily, or yarnd does it natively.

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The problem though is that despite the fact yarnd fully support WebMention(s) – It is hardly ever used. I have stats/numbers on its use and it’s basically near zero. WebSub (between pods) is far more used.

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