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@tkanos@twtxt.net a quick question, I’m using twet (thanks for the recommendation), how do the clients announce between them that you have replied to a previous twt?

You have to follow the other person and the clients look for replies for each of your twts?

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@prologic@twtxt.net If I remember correctly, we were discussing a few months ago options like Webmention, I have never used it, although sounds better in my mind than parsing the access_log.

That search engine you mention or a global Database of Twt hashes could help. I remember that Twitter users had an external search platform, acquired later by Twitter: https://techcrunch.com/2008/07/15/confirmed-twitter-acquires-summize-search-engine/

As @tkanos@twtxt.net said, a comment in the txt file like: Notify me on this email, or automatically register your feed in this URL as Antenna does, would be a nice addition. I assume that if you are replying you are interested in making a dual connection, so they can answer you back. Just thinking out loud.

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@eaplmx I’m pretty sure webmention would work for this. It’s how the rest of the IndieWeb tends to care care of things like posting comments to blogs. It’s pretty simple–there’s a REST endpoint you hit when you reply to a post, and then an endpoint that gets called on the recipient’s side that decides what to do with the webmention (ignore it, post it somewhere, alert the writer, other). You put the necessary endpoint(s) in <link rel="webmention"... and <link rel="pingback"... tags in the HTML of the pages you want to have webmention support, so it’s pretty unintrusive.

You can play with it right now by signing into https://webmention.io with a yarn.social or other IndeiAuth-compatiable web site. I’m almost certain there are self-hostable web mention servers, or you can use webmention.io or one of the other ones.

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