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@carsten@yarn.zn80.net i don’t think it’s clear if he quit fediverse or not. but it’s comical that he has to mention neo-nazis. i’ve been in and out of the fediverse since the beginning and the % of neo-nazis is small. there’s 1-2 extremely shithole instances harboring them, but most instances have defederated them. but then again anyone the radical left doesn’t like is a default neo-nazi.

@novaburst@twt.nfld.uk you’ve mentioned this before. are you still plugged into an instance?

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If you turn “social media” into this dopamine drive cesspool full of likes, boosts, reshares and so forth, you basically end up abusing the worst parts of humanity.

👍 There is such a problem. And for some reason it’s not being addressed at all. The Pinafore web client for Mastodon, for example, has settings designed to reduce the addictive or disturbing aspects of social media. They can hide the number of subscribers, reposts, or hide notifications.

It certainly doesn’t solve the problem, but at least someone paid attention to it.

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@retrocrash@twtxt.net To be honest? I have not seen any of them. I have seen more people who believe in conspiracy theories and drifted away from reality into their own world. Almost impossible to talk to these people at some point. All of them might be influenced at some point by the brown shit but real Nazis? No I also have not seen any of them. But that might just be my own bubble.

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@prologic@twtxt.net I see it the same way. Most people just post something to gain fame and attention. They would do almost anything for a like. But don’t we all want or are looking for some fame or attention? If not, why are we posting things here then? At some point in the past, I just gave up, also with my blog. I disabled comments and I just post for myself. If someone reads it and want to contact me, that person can send an email.

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@retrocrash nah, this isn’t accurate. I’m on the fediverse and the Nazi problem is very real and always in your face. There are hundreds of Nazi instances and new ones pop up every day. Every day I see toots about some new asshole. And I don’t know what you’re talking about “the radical left”–in the US at least there is no such thing.

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