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Playing around with bridging Matrix and IRC today, using the former’s Node.js implementation. It was very exciting to see messages mirroring so quickly, even with my wee homeserver; mind, it’s just one room stroke channel a side, with single-digit users, at the moment. Still, lovely to get my Pi productive. Next, I’ll study the config a bit more. Eventually, I’d like to have this resilient, on my OpenBSD VPS; not sure how tricky that build would be.


(#j46f6vq) Updated my bridge to work between an IRCNow room and a room I administer on the main homeserver—#tgr and #greatreset, respectively—and was so chuffed to wake up to almost 400 unread messages this morning. 😁 Still plenty to figure out with it, but it’s great to see how far the defaults can take you.


@prologic (#j46f6vq) In that room? Well, it’s very small: currently five or so from IRC versus maybe 20 on Matrix. But the scale of Matrix, writ large, is probably well beyond IRC in general, these days: there are lots of rooms associated with the main homeserver with 15000+ users; not sure how many are truly active, of course. IRCNow is a fairly small IRC network, I’d guess, at between 700 and 800 users, it seems.

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