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Stats since I started doing GPS tracking of my walks in November 2022:

Per year:
2022    46.96 km  in  18 tracks
2023   136.60 km  in  37 tracks

Per month:
2022-11   21.51 km  in 10 tracks
2022-12   25.45 km  in  8 tracks
2023-01    3.79 km  in  1 tracks
2023-02    8.93 km  in  3 tracks
2023-03    7.88 km  in  3 tracks
2023-05    9.50 km  in  2 tracks
2023-07    9.03 km  in  3 tracks
2023-08    6.93 km  in  2 tracks
2023-09   10.03 km  in  3 tracks
2023-10   80.51 km  in 20 tracks

Total:   183.56 km  in 55 tracks

Well, October 2023 was the best month so far. 不 I hope I can stay at that level. I was pretty lazy the rest of the year.

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@prologic I walked. I mean, I walk rather fast and its not a relaxed stroll, but it certainly isnt running. The goal isnt to lose weight but to be outdoors, enjoy nature, and clear my mind.

Just to be clear, it was 100km over the course of a whole month. It was 23 tracks with 4.4km per track on average (4.4km is roughly 50 minutes). Its actually not that much, its mostly time consuming.

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