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See, even a video I was just watching on Youtube just now, the guy said:

THanks for Surf Shark for sponsoring this video, it keeps the content free.

So that basically tells me that Google™ advertising on Youtube™ is utter bullshit. I have a funny feeling they’re (Google™’s) crack-down on ad-blocker is just an internal reaction to a losing battle with their ad revenue streams in the declins from their ad business.

As an aside @movq@www.uninformativ.de and I were yarning about this before… The reason this form of advertising works so well is “brand awareness”. There’s some interesting content, and you don’t mind that the guy or gal is sponsored by some company and they happen to make mention of it and even go into a special part of their video (without being annoying about it). You don’t even fast forward or anything because you already like their voice, and they’re not being completely obnoxious about what they’re promoting, and what they’re promoting isn’t complete garbage, malware or worse.

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