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🥳 NEW: Several new features are in master right now, waiting to be released for the upcoming yarnd v0.12. I was going to release today, but I’d rather hold off for an extra day in case there are any niggling issues.

Here’s a brief summary of the highlights:

  • New Display Image Preferences: inline, lightbox and gallery
  • New Display Media toggle
  • Original quality uploaded media is now prserved
  • New Original Media toggle
  • Can now configure Media/Avatar resolution
  • Can now delete feeds in Manage Users
  • Internal Events / Onboarding
  • yarnc hash


@prologic Running it now. I think I hit a memory leak or similar on the old master… Noticed a few hours ago that my pod was unresponsive, and, once I was able to get htop up, finally, I saw that the load was up near 31.00 where normally it’d be 0.31(!).

Anyway, I’ve restarted on the latest master now, obviously.



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