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Uhhhh … A RAM slot just died. 🤔 Not the actual memory chips but the slot itself. I haven’t touched my RAM in years. 🤨

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@prologic Thought so, too, but how would it have gotten there in the first place? I saw a couple of weird kernel panics, so I ran memtest86 and it showed errors. Only then did I even open the computer’s case. 🤔

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After more testing: I’m beginning to think that I’m hit by an issue in memtest86 itself:

Only the test called “block move” failed and only when the SMT mode was set to “all cores”. So far, no issues with “round robin”. Oh, and I’ve now seen the issue on all slots and all modules.

So why was I seeing kernel panics then? There’s another possibility: My issues started right when I started that “old computer challenge”. I was starting/stopping my networking interface a lot and almost all freezes happened while starting it (one kernel panic happened while the system was shutting down and I unplugged some USB device). So it’s at least possible that these are just kernel bugs. 🤔

Since the “old computer challenge” wasn’t very enlightening anyway, I’m going to abort that now and see if the system stabilizes. And/or run isolated tests to see if starting/stopping the NIC repeatedly causes kernel panics.

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@lyse@lyse.isobeef.org Errr, this is on my current machine running Linux 5.18.16. 😅 (The challenge was about limiting/tracking your online time: https://dataswamp.org/~solene/2022-07-10-old-computer-challenge-v2-day1.html )

(Actually using old computers and old software for every day life is not that much fun, I’ve found. You can’t do anything related to the Internet, basically: None of the old crypto works anymore. So you can do Gopher and visit websites of enthusiasts who still offer HTTP, but that’s it.)

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